Artemisia Face & Body Oil

Artemisia Face & Body Oil

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Artemisia face & body oil is formulated to remind you on a cellular level in daily ritual that you are sacred & whole unto yourself. The Ephesian Artemis, Anatolian goddess of wild places & animals, childbirth, and divination, is connected to queen bees’ ability to reproduce unto themselves, therefore creating a symbolic model for creativity and nurturance without domesticity.

Artemisia was made under the Aries new moon and decanted (strained) under the Aries full moon, accentuating its properties of initiation, momentum, and propulsion of flow.

All of the following herbs are beneficial to the reproductive organs/endocrine system as well as the skin/lymphatic system.

✨ Mugwort, or Artemisia vulgaris, helps you honor your inner cycles and decongest the process of your perpetual rebirth. Physically it warms the body, arrests bleeding, and clears toxins and parasites.

🐝  Rosemary brings mental clarity and calm to the nervous system. Topically it strengthens capillaries and prevents wrinkles in the skin.

🦌  Damascus Rose reminds you of your dignity, your worth and the beauty of life. It calms the heart and clears the skin.

🐝  Lavender clears excess heat, relieves pain, promotes healing, and prevents infection and scarring.

✨  Yarrow aids in forming healthy boundaries and closing any holes, physically and emotionally.

INGREDIENTS: Mugwort, rosemary, Damascus Rose, lavender, yarrow

MENSTRUUM: Organic extra virgin olive oil

Size: 2 ounces


TOPICAL - Apply a thin layer on the skin after bathing, or after washing one’s face with warm water. The lipid-water combination helps with absorption. Do not apply on open skin, but may be applied in the scarring process after the scab has fallen off.

INTERNAL - Use in place of olive oil in recipes.