Bandana designed by Marina Terauds

Bandana designed by Marina Terauds

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Limited edition February 2021 design from Bandana of the Month Club + Emily Miller. 

  • 100% Grown & Sewn in the USA cotton
  • Artist-designed
  • Hand-dyed
  • Printed using eco-friendly, water-based ink
    • once they are sold out, they are never printed again



Latvian artist Marina Terauds has dedicated her work to printmaking (etching, mezzotint, aquatint, drypoint) after receiving her Master degree in printmaking (Latvian Academy of Arts) and in art pedagogy (Latvian State University).
Although the stylistic elements in her art have varied, there always was love for the unique, spiritual alchemy, searching for a combination of beauty and the mystery of nature. Her works, although in point are not the naturalistic reflection of the world around, but charm the spectator by the thorough knowledge of the subject shown.

All of Marina's prints are hand printed on the premises using traditional printing methods unchanged in over 400 years.

Ideas for using your bandanas:

Honestly, what can't you do with so many bandanas?  Here are some suggestions:

  • cloth napkins

  • washable handkerchief

  • gift wrap

  • altar cloth

  • prayer flags

  • neckerchief

  • hair tie

  • pocket square

  • hobo suitcase

  • baby burp cloth

  • give it to a friend!

  • dip it in cool water on a hot day and tie it around your neck

  • wear it under your motorcycle helmet

  • wear it as a bracelet

  • Tie it on your dog!