Cold Sore Killa

Cold Sore Killa

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Viruses are hella tricky. Science considers viri as just kinda alive, like half made robot creatures that need our cells to exist. Viruses are truly unique beings, their own branch on the tree of life. As an herbalist, my relationship to plant medicine is like a marriage. Like any marriage, it comes with in-laws: pathogens and pain. Bru-tal.

Yet working to understand the in-laws, no matter how unsavory, is a path to understanding your life love.

Infections, like your mother in-law, have a lot to say. Listening gives insight into treatment, like choosing appropriate herbs or never, ever bringing up taking the plastic off the living room furniture.

Here is where I fall in love with plant medicine all over again.

Phytochemistry aka plant chemistry got its own ancient wisdom. Licorice and lemon balm put the smack down on viri getting a foothold in our precious cells. They’re like professional finger prayers when viri got a grip. Myrrh stimulates immune cell activity, empowering our own bod to kick out unwelcome guests.

Entering Cold Sore Killa, a tincture combining powers of all three plants. Drop a few drops on your ‘sore throughout the day.

Safe to ingest.

1 oz 



- High proof spirits*

- lemon balm*

- licorice root*

- myrrh gum resin*