Dream Mist Aura Spray

Dream Mist Aura Spray

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Dream-mandated mist spray for letting what is unknown be unknown & manifesting the rest. will def let u know if you’re keeping vibes around that are creating dissonant tones with the abundant and radiant timeline you’re trying to jump to. also helps you to recalibrate your little atoms once you do make the jump
if you haven’t already~

JUST CAUSE YOU CAN SEE THE FUTURE doesn’t mean you need to try to control everything. just cause you’re a visionary STILL means you need to go slow and steady bringing that which you see into material reality e v e r y d a y!

white Roses, oregano, western red cedar, rosewater

Elixirs: rough cut diamond, rose quartz egg, pyrite / petztli

Menstruum: vodka, spring water