Honey Power Potion

Honey Power Potion

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Honey Power is an old school Snakeroot Formula. When I was a beekeeper in Big Sur ~ I created this formula out of the plants & materials I had around me. Honey and Propolis from the bees that I was tending to. Elderberries from the trees that I communed with everyday in the hills. Yerba Santa growing wild in my herb garden outside of the honey hut. Echinacea is a recent addition ;) as a way to also help preserve the syrup from turning while also adding to the immune-stimulating properties of the formula.

Honey Power is essentially - a powered up version of your typical elderberry syrup with added magic each step of the way. Yerba Santa leaves are carefully infused into organic apple cider vinegar for a month or two. Echinacea is cooked for a dual extraction. Elderberries are cooked and reduced over two hours of a gentle, gentle simmer. Honey is added & alchemy happens!

Stimulate the immune system when feeling under the weather with Honey Power. Honey & Vinegar help soothe a sore throat or an achey cough which Elderberry and Echinacea fight the illness. Yerba Santa and Elder also help to expectorate (break and and expel) anything trapped in the lungs. Plus, it’s so so delicious ~~ a very special syrup that takes me back to the magic of herding goats & keeping bees in Big Sur.

ingredients: elderberry (sambucus spp.)*, yerba santa infused apple cider vinegar*, echinacea root & flower tincture (ech. spp.)*, propolis*, cane spirits*



suggested use: 1 dropperful 3-5x’s a day when feeling under the weather. you can also take once daily when traveling or feeling low immune.



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