Smog Lifter Potion

Smog Lifter Potion

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Smog Lifter is a city slicker’s potion. Formulated as a 100% tonic formula to take daily for our lungs, liver, adrenals, immune system, and nervous system. Mullein hydrates and tonifies damaged or dried cilia in the lungs from breathing in pollutants, wildfire smoke, and more. Passionflower helps to release tension in the body and nourishes the nervous system in our overworked, ever moving bodies. Reishi balances the deep immune system and moves free radicals out of the body. Milk Thistle Seed cleans the liver from allergens and other toxins we process through our liver. Yarrow essence aids as an additional friend to help us keep healthy boundaries when we're feelin' frazzled, frayed, or tired. in hopes to help us keep a healthy distance and differentiation between what might feel overwhelming around us.

Smog Lifter is best taken as a daily formula over two months time.

ingredients: passionflower (passiflora spp.)*, mullein (verbascum thapsus)*, reishi (ganoderma lucidum)*, milk thistle seed (silybum marianum)*, yarrow flower essence, cane spirits *


suggested use: take 8-10 drops 2-3x’s daily or as needed for additional support.



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