Spirit Dreamer Elixir
Spirit Dreamer Elixir
Spirit Dreamer Elixir
Spirit Dreamer Elixir

Spirit Dreamer Elixir

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Banish insomnia, enhance your dreams and traverse the threshold between worlds*

Mugwort {liath lus} has been used for centuries in folk medicine as an ally for dreaming, threshold work & queer fluidity. I’ve worked with mugwort extensively to facilitate vivid dreams & commune with my queer ancestors.

Hops flowers are a potent bitters and sedative herb to support deep rest, prevent nightmares and assist dream recall.

Passionflower slows down repetitive thoughts that prevent sleep and can help us release frustrated feelings, tension and pain.

California poppy has been used to relieve muscular discomfort, anxiety and spasm, and ease shooting pains that interfere with sleep.

Essences of Sagebrush + Yerba Santa + Clematis help create a bridge to other worlds, awaken us to our guides and diffuse old patterns of grief and trauma that trouble sleep.


(all organic california grown) hops flowers + passionflower + cali poppy + cali mugwort + essences of clematis + yerba santa + sagebrush + organic cane and grape spirits (50% abv), organic vegetable glycerin and local raw honey

Suggested use: Take 20-30 drops 1 hour before bed or as needed on the tongue or in any beverage.

Cautions: May cause drowsiness. Not for use in pregnancy unless otherwise directed by your healthcare provider.

1 oz bottle