Strawberry Shrub
Strawberry Shrub

Strawberry Shrub

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Delight & indulge your senses with first of summer delights*

šŸ“ 100% Alcohol Free šŸ“

StrawberriesĀ are high in vitamin C and antioxidants, a summer fruit that's also a sweet & juicy heart tonic.

ChamomileĀ grounds & soothes frazzled nerves and supports digestion.

RoseĀ blossoms tone the heart, support softening, openness and self compassion.

TulsiĀ nurtures sensual joy, self love, acceptance and warms our spirits.


An oxymel or shrub is an ancient folk blend of vinegar, honey and herbs. This blend adds a luscious kick to fizzy water or mocktails and may support digestion when taken before meals.

Suggested use:Ā Take 20-30 drops 2-3x/day on the tongue or in any beverage. Add this blend to fizzy water or any beverage for a refreshing treat. Enjoy on its own or in hot water with lemon to soothe a sore throat.

Cautions:Ā Chamomile may be contraindicated with aster allergies and ragweed sensitivities.

(all organic california grown) strawberries + chamomile + rose petals + tulsi + raw organic apple cider vinegar + balsamic vinegar + local raw honey

1 oz or 2 oz bottle