Venus In Scorpio Tincture
Venus In Scorpio Tincture

Venus In Scorpio Tincture

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Picture a round, black obsidian mirror. Out of it climbs a deer, with precious black, vermillion & iridescent gems hanging from her antlers, glinting in the moonlight. In her mouth she is bearing spicy & fragrant flowers, bark, and roots. You receive them in your hands and sprinkle them over the mirror, watching the ripples as the petals touch the surface.

This deep and flavorful brandy-based tincture warms, tingles and expands as it goes down, aligning you with your inner moon cycles and pleasure body, regardless of sex (though for some it can reduce/dispel moontime cramping). Physically, it stimulates the circulatory system, reproductive system, and lungs. Gem elixirs obtain the energetic signature of crystals, to connect with them in an etheric yet powerful way over time.

🥀  Rose & Cempoalxochitl (Day of the Dead Marigold) connect us to our ancestors' wish that we live our lives in the pleasure of creation

🥀  Cinnamon & Damiana, an ancient Mesoamerican plant ally invite sensorial warming, pulsation, and the bodily pleasure of existence

🥀  Angelica archangelica root is helpful when facing the unknown, such as birth, death, and life's transmutations

🤲🏽  Mexican fire opal & Labradorite turn up the notch on spiritual-sexual desire, intuition, and experiences of the sublime

⚫  Obsidian reintegrates previously rejected parts of ourselves and dissolves shame

⚫  Hematite makes us aware of unfulfilled desires and fantasies, stimulates absorption of iron & the formation of red blood corpuscles

Made in honor of Black Moon Lilith & Tlazolteotl, our mother eater of sacred filth

Infusion: Rose petals, Damiana, Angelica root, Ceylon cinnamon, Cempoalxochitl

Gem elixirs: Amber, Labradorite, Carnelian, Morganite, Obsidian, Hematite, Mexican fire opal

Menstruum: Brandy, raw Berkeley honey

Size: 2 ounces
Dosage: 1-2 pumps, as desired
Do not consume during pregnancy