Virgoan Digestive Bitters

Virgoan Digestive Bitters

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These soothing digestive bitters can help to stimulate the liver and digestive enzymes. Carminative herbs ,such as ginger and star anise, help settle the stomach. These herbs are especially helpful in cases of indigestion since they soothe gas and bloating. Dandelion encourages a healthier gut biome over time as well as stimulating the liver and promoting more balanced liver health. This formula also helps settle a nervous stomach , especially great for the person that holds their stress and anxiety in the stomach. Virgos in particular have a tendency to hold their emotions in their gut: hence the name Virgoan Bitters. (these are certainly for everyone, though!)

From the perspective of an herbalist - a bitters formula is a must have in my purse and on my dining room table.


ingredients: chamomile (matricaria chamomilla)*, dandelion root (taraxacum officinale)*, ginger (zingiber officinale)*, star anise (Iilicium verum)*, brandy



suggested use: 12-15 drops 5-15 minutes before or after meals. you can also take the same amount for indigestion at onset of symptoms.



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