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Digital Gift Card

Digital Gift Card

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Digital gift cards are redeemable online or in store - the QR code or 16-digit code included in your email is required for redemption.

How it works:

  1. Upon completion of your purchase, your gift card will be automatically emailed to the email address you entered during checkout. The email will include a secure 16-digit code & QR code that can be used online or at our brick & mortar store immediately.
  2. You can now also add your digital gift card to your apple wallet!

Giving your Digital Gift Card

  1. If you want your recipient to receive the gift card directly, enter the RECIPIENT'S email address at check out

    - OR -

  2. If you want to choose when they get the digital gift card, enter YOUR email address at checkout. You will need to FORWARD that email to them in order for them to use it.  


Once issued, we do not have access to the 16-digit code associated with your gift card, as it is securely generated by the Shopify system. Anyone with access to your card's 16-digit code will be able to use the card. Treat gift cards like cash. Field Day & Friends is not responsible for misused cards.

If you have any questions about gift cards, please email us at or call/text us at (510) 764-3085 for support.

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