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INDIGO Color Mist

INDIGO Color Mist

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This mist is to be used in assistance of visual color healing and meditation. Spray around your space or use as a perfume. The labels are made as a visual guide to help assist in bringing the color in though the eyes, and to help with color breathing, light therapy, working with the chakras or crystal healing. Comes in large beautiful glass spray bottle with gold cap. 

INDIGO: A lover of structure and order, indigo is a pioneering personality and helps heighten intuition. It is said to be the most soothing in the spectrum and can help get your body ready for restful sleep. Good for contemplation, meditation, and visualization. Disperses bottled emotions and helps with mental agitation. Promotes inner peace, calm and clears negative thoughts. 

Ingredients: Water, Distilled grain alcohol, Butterfly pea flower, red cabbage, lapis lazuli gem essence and various essential oils.

Not for internal consumption. All topical products should be tested on inner wrist before full use - some people have allergies to certain herbs, oils or bee products.  If pregnant, check with your midwife or physician before using any herbal products. 


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